Matlab live ploting Shake-net

Hello there community, this is my first post and also approach to the shakenet developers.

I´m currently an undergraduated Geology student with a fascination on earthquakes. So currently i´m working on learning coding with Obspy and Matlab Gismo codes. I´m working with a professor who is thiking on getting some sensors for deployment on ground for landslide monitoring. We where disccusing on creating a website for ploting and analyzing live stream raspberry shake data.

So im coming to this forum to ask if there is someone out there who might know about a script or how to begin on deploying a script which might let us read/analyze and also live stream data from shakenet on a Matlab Script.

I found this post on Matlab blog about deploying a Raspberry Shake for traffic monitoring, Live Seismic Traffic Monitoring with ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and Raspberry Shake » Hans on IoT - MATLAB & Simulink

My main goal is to plot real time live stream from a Raspbery shake on Matlab, i would be so glad if someone could give a hint or an advice on this.

I ain´t no IT skills, but definately can learn on the go.

I will really appreciate any advice on this.

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Hello rafamj95, welcome to our community!

It’s always great to have other enthusiast join us Shakers, and your projects is surely interesting. For its purpose, I will leave the MATLAB GISMO package links for any other in the community who wishes to explore this avenue: The GISMO Toolbox - seismic data analysis in MATLAB It is a great starting point for a MATLAB approach.

Regarding live data transmission from any Shake, if they are in the same local network, it is possible to configure the handy UDP stream (or various UDP streams) to display a real-time view of what the Shake(s) is(are) seeing: Raspberry Shake Data Producer UDP Port Output — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

To be complete about the available resources, if you can deviate from MATLAB into Python, we also have, provided as-is and ready to use, our RSUDP software, dedicated to the display of live data from a Shake: rsudp 1.1.1 — rsudp documentation

Hope these links will be useful for you to proceed with your work!

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