Massive Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement numbers

I’m seeing massive acceleration, velocity, displacement numbers and I’m not really sure how to debug this. Is there a calibration setting somewhere? Thanks.

RSH.R04D2.2020-09-12T00_27_28.logs.tar (1.8 MB) Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 5.19.49 PM


Hello mrgpowers, welcome to the community!

Thank you for reporting this and for attaching the logs. Now, it doesn’t seem that there is something wrong with your Shake from the logs themselves, but there is definitely something unusual from these values, and I alerted our software team of the issue while I continue to check.

As soon as I’ll get news on the matter I will update you here.

Hi there. I just set up my Shake yesterday (RAA61) and I’m getting similar numbers (and am too new at this to know where to start debugging it). Any news/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello cassini, welcome to the community!

Thank you for reporting this, could you please post the logs from the Shake?

They are downloadable from the Raspberry Shake’s web configuration page, accessible entering the rs.local address in your browser, then by clicking on the “Download Logs” button.

Let’s see if this works…

RSH.RAA61.2020-09-12T13_22_05.logs.tar (523 KB)

Worked perfectly, thank you!

I’ll update you both as soon as I’ll have news.

Thank you. Can you tell that my Shake is working properly?

No problem.

From the logs I can see that everything seems to be working fine. You have a good LAN internet connection, and the packets are uploaded to our servers, so there is nothing that seems out of place from a first glance.

I just checked StationView and the ground motion seems much more reasonable (406 µm/s^2, 7.6 µm/s, 0.1 µm).

Just curious: what is the number in parenthesis?

@mgrpowers @Cassini

Just to tell you quickly that the main issue has been solved. Both your stations now display data with the proper magnitude.

I’ll get back to you regarding the numbers between parenthesis.

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Regarding your question of the number between parenthesis, the first one of the two indicates the running average of the value in the last 10 seconds, while the second one (between brackets), indicates the running average in the last 5 minutes.

Hi there @Stormchaser . Thank you again for your help and the info. Just curious, though–are you certain that the value in the parenthesis is a running average over the last 5 minutes because when I’ve stared at it it looks more like the maximum value over some time period. It’s not important–I was just curious. Thank again!

No problem, here for this too!

Yes, it was confirmed by our seismo team. It may seem like that because sometimes the numbers converge and display a previous, already seen, value, but it is a false perception thing, since we (as onlookers) cannot see every datapoint used to calculate the values.

It can be done by analysing data after they are recorded and logged, not in real time, (like a seismic event reanalysis) but that’s another matter entirely.

You’re welcome!

Hi there - my Shake is showing the same thing - set it up yesterday.

Here’s a screenshot from StationView and the log file.

Any help gratefully received :slight_smile:
RSH.R87C3.2020-12-08T04_16_20.logs.tar (467 KB) .

Hello satredfern, welcome to the community!

Thank you for notifying us of the issue and sending the logs of your Shake. From them, I can see that there appears to be nothing wrong with the unit, so I will open a ticket for our software team and they will take care of it.

I will update you once the problem has been solved.

Hello again satredfem,

your station now shows the proper values, without those massive numbers. Thank you for your patience.


Enjoy Shaking!

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Thanks - makes me feel much better knowing my shake isn’t wobbling around at several km per second with an amplitude of tens of metres!