Many questions.....sorry

My shake R21C3 connected with the server and went online yesterday, but I’m having some issues (please see my attached log files):

  1. The System Time is showing the wrong date and time. It was my understanding that once my shake connected with the server it would automatically update?
  2. I have downloaded SWARM following the video tutorial, but it’s not working. While my shake is appearing under the My Shake tab to the left, it is gray not black, therefore my helicorder data in not showing up?
  3. Can I run SWARM and jAmaSeis simultaneously on the same laptop for my shake? I’m running jAmaSeis with my IRIS AS-1 and I prefer to run SWARM with the shake, but if I could run about programs on the shake it would make for an interesting comparison.
  4. Now, if #3 is yes, is there any special way, configuration, or data that I have to input into jAmaSeis for setting up my shake? Or do I just follow the standard setting up procedures like when I configured my AS-1?
    I apologize if this is too much at one time…thank you.
    RSH.R21C3.2019-03-26T18_30_50.logs.tar (1.7 MB)


from the log files it appears that your unit’s connection to the internet does not allow communication with either NTP servers, nor the shake data server.

when possible, please confirm connection to the internet by logging in to the unit itself (it has an IP address of and issuing the following command:

> ping

let’s get your unit successfully connected before handling your other queries, if you don’t mind.



Hello Richard,

It seems like my IT guy got SWARM and everything up and running, however my station is not appearing on the RS StationView seismograph map? The one black triangle that does appear there in Bangkok, Thailand, is not my station. The ShakeNet dashboard does show me as the newest station (AM.R21C3) but when you click on “Show in StationView” it is not there?

Also, he wanted me to pass on the following info:
NTP connection - our university firewall blocks 123, so I have manually set the time. Looking at alternative automated approach for setting the time. Is there a tolerance for date/time?

Thanks, Michael

hi michael,

looking at station view myself, i see that your unit is online and transmitting data. refreshing the page with CTRL-F5 will likely make your station visible for you, the direct link is here.

as for NTP, you will need to connect to a server one way or another, otherwise the clock will drift over time and your data will not be time-synced, which is bad (depending on how you want to use it, but the data server will eventually reject it). in my experience, when a university network blocks the NTP port, they alternatively supply their own NTP servers which can be referred to instead. please ask your IT guy if this is the case. if so, edit the file /etc/ntp.conf to specify these servers instead of the servers specified there and restart the unit.

as well, you are not receiving the automatic updates due to lack of DNS support. like NTP, universities will typically provide their own DNS servers, please ask what these are specify them in the file /etc/resolv.conf.