Many interruptions in 24h plot.. app shake net station offline! R05A5

In the shake net app my station appears offline (R05A5). Locally, if I go to my ip. to server status, it appears that it is connected!
Many interruptions in 24h plot on the application!?

Take a look at some other stations when you see this sort of thing. E.g. mine:

Then it is quickly apparent that it is not your problem, or your ISP, but more likely the R-Shake ISP or application having problems.


Thank you for the notification Ionescu, yesterday we experienced server-side issues that prevented live data from being displayed on our services, including the App and the online Station and DataView.

Eventual data that may not be available on our online services is, however, still present locally on your Shake, if there is the need for data reanalysis. We apologize for this inconvenience.