Magnetometer & Tiltmeter: Channel re-naming

It is currently not possible to edit the NetworkCode, StationCode, LocationCode, ComponentCode manually. Support for this functionality was not built in to the Raspberry Shake solution from the beginning…
I am wondering whether it is still not possible to change the channel naming by myself.
It took quite some time but by now I got a Fluxgate 3D magnetic field sensor running on our AM.R7A8D.00.EH[Z,N,E] RJam. However, first I’m pedantic and second I don’t want to mess the automatic P/S-wave arrival evaluation of the network. Hence it would be highly apprechiated if I could change the
AM.R7A8D.00.EH[Z,N,E] to
AM.R7A8D.00.HF[Z,N,E] or anything that fits even better.
The first letter H resembles “High broadband sampled at or above 80Hz, generally 100 or 200Hz.”
The second letter F stands for “geomagnetic sensor” according to this website. Although the truth is that as the sensor is currently located in an urban environment it mostly sees trams at 50-100m distance between 5am and 1am :-/

This request is also looking ahead for renaming
AM.RE7F9.00.EH[Z,N,E] to
AM.RE7F9.00.HA[Z,N,E] within the next month. Yes, I’m planning to feed it with a tiltmeter in the hope to expand the frequency range of our R21E0 observations towards lower frequencies…

And in case some work is required and folks are hesitant to bother with this… isn’t this an ideal demonstration of expanding citizen scienze applications of the RS hardware beyond seismic and infrasound? :wink:

Hello Tobias, this is very interesting, congratulations for assembling your personal instrument!

There is an update in the works, which will be released sometime in 2021, that will allow modification of NET, STN, and LOC names, but not CHN names.

However, we understand that regarding the JAM, it totally makes sense that the CHN names would need to be changeable when connecting it to different instruments, especially if not seismic ones.

A future release (beyond the one I described above) will allow also the customization of CHN names. It is still in the works.

We are looking forward to the result of your experiments and data collection!