M7 at Kermadecs 15-Jun-2019

At 22:54 on 15-Jun-2019 a magnitude 7.0 EQ struck the Kermadecs to the NE of New Zealand.

The EQ was followed over the next 16 hours by 9 aftershocks magnitude greater than 5. Many of these were felt by the RShake at Port Levy on Banks Peninsula as P waves, followed by S waves, followed by surface waves.
where the P and S times have been calculated using this site https://service.iris.edu/irisws/traveltime/1/ and the surface waves using 3.5 km/s.

The EQ also generated a small tsunami recorded at Raoul as shown here:
and at East Cape as shown here:

but the waves were barely distinguishable above the background long waves.

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