M4.2 earthquake near Martinique (Lesser Antilles) this night (16/01/2022 08:32 UTC)

Dear all, my Raspberry shake register a clear earthquake signal this night (04:32 local time), also reported by [Tremblement de terre de magnitude 4.2, proche de Le Robert - Franceseisme.fr]
Is there a procedure to add this Eq to ShakeNet Catalog ?

Sincerely yours
Benoit Vittecoq

Dear Benoit, welcome to our community!

As of now, the possibility of manually adding an event to our EQ catalog is not (yet) available. But we thank you for the suggestion, and we will put it on our list of to-do improvements!

Thank you for your proposal and your interest in RaspberryShake!

Dear Stormchaser, thanks for your quick response.
Do you have a link to the explaination of how is constituted the EQ Catalog ?
I think that a minimum of station is required ?
Best regards

Dear Benoit,

You’re welcome, no problem at all!

Unfortunately, we do not have this information compiled yet, but yes, usually multiple stations are required to accurately determine all the characteristics of an event.

Slowly but steadily we will cover all these subjects, in order to provide an even high level of service to all who are interested.

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