M 6.0 near Vanuatu?


I was recently reviewing my earthquake data for the day. Today I used the low frequency filter on my seismometer. I saw weak movement for over a minute today. The app didn’t highlight it as relevant, but the USGS website showed something around that time. I checked other nearby seismometers, and they showed a similar event around the same time. Can anyone confirm that what I recorded was an earthquake near Vanuatu?

I’ve attached screenshots from 2 separate seismometers of the event that I observed. Sorry for not showing the bottom of the graph. The app doesn’t work well on iPhones with FaceID. The app really needs to shift up so that the bottom of the graph can be shown. That’s where the action is at.

Was this the Vanatu earthquake? It looks like it took over 12 and a half minutes to get to my seismometer.


Hello BlackDiamond, and welcome back to the community!

I have added your station to my app temporarily, and yes, I can confirm that you easily detected the M6.0 in Vanuatu in the lower frequencies. At that distance (~9/10000km) it matches with the generalized time-travel curves for seismic waves. Here it is:

Also, thank you for your notification about the issue on Apple devices. I think that our app team is already working on a fix, but I will post this new feedback to them all the same.