Looking to buy x5-x10 Model B's (Rev 000[d,e])


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Does anyone have a bunch of Model B’s (000d,000e) lying around. I need them for a legacy project of mine here in the Raspberry Shake lab in Panama. I am happy to buy them and pay for shipping. I would like to get a hold of x5 or x10 of them. I have a US mailing address.

Yours, Branden


What does it mean “Model B’s (000d,000e)”?
I have several of the original RPi B’s. Is this what you mean?
Or what?


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I have 3 of these that are gathering dust.
Each is in a case, would you want those as well? Or just the boards?
I’ve had my fun with them, so providing you cover the shipping, you can have them.


Exactly which models are you looking for? I do have four RPi Model B’s These are the first generation model B’s. These have the yellow phono socket video output on them.


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I am after Model B’s Revision 000d or 000e.

So yes! I ones with the yellow phono socket!


I have sent you a direct message.


Hi Branden, for some reason we lost touch. Did you get what you wanted or do you still want my RPi’s?


Buenos días. I just saw your DM.