Long time non-user reonnecting

Bought my first Shake from one of the Crowdfunding sites what seems like an eternity ago. Recently set it up again and the output on rs.local looks good, everything connected. When I look on Shakenet at my shake, the position is off (I’ve updated it since restarting) and it says it is not online. Is this still an issue with what is going on at your end as it wa slooking like that had now been solved. Just want to check if I need to do anything (and there was a blast at our local quarry yesterday that I want to check for). Logs attached. Cheers guys.
RSH.RB4A8.2024-02-16T14_29_06.logs.tar (3.3 MB)


Hello malcmail, and a warm welcome to the community!

It’s always great to hear about a new Shake coming online, and thank you for posting the logs from the instrument.

I can see no issue with it, and the unit is nicely streaming live data to our servers. You can check it from here: Data View: Raspberry Shake Data Visualization Tool, and you can see the station on the map here: Station View: Raspberry Shake Network & EQ Activity Map

As you have already noticed, we are still working to fix data access issues, so not all functionalities/past data may be available as of now, but we’ll continue to post updates until everything has been restored.

Regarding your position query, the location difference is purposely there, and the reason is described here: FAQ

For anything else, I remain available.

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