Long lat question

Hi I have just noticet that in rs.local my RCF63 |Latitude|:|46° 20’ 28.68’’| and |Longitude|:|15° 58’ 12.36’’| is correct for my location.
If i chech my location in shake net there is my location LAT: 46.3333 LON: 15.9598 and this is about 500m W of my real location. In stationview is my location also not correct…
What should be wrong?
Regards Marco

Yes, I’ve found this too. There’s something screwy about the locations that are recorded in the dashboard when you set up the RS. Mine are all west and slightly north of where they should be (putting them in the ocean!!). Maybe the program is using a different mapping convention from WGS84, which is what GPSs and Google Earth use.

Gentlemen, this has been answered in the past by OSOP. For some reason, they intentionally misplace the location on the map; for security reasons, I think?

They will probably explain.

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jerry is correct:

The data server uses the correct lat/ lon for the earthquake locations.

While for your protection, the actual locations are not exposed to the broader community. On the StationView map, for example, we have implemented an algorithm for security that takes your Shake’s location and randomizes it to another location within 1 mile of its actual location.


And these incorrect coordinates propagate throughout the system, including the metadata file in ShakeNet and the IRIS MetaData Aggregator.
Seems inherently wrong to knowingly record incorrect information like this, especially without any explanation.

Buenos días.

At not time have we ever given the impression that we do not appreciate the importance of an explanation.

See in the manual where we explain the metadata: http://manual.raspberryshake.org/metadata.html