Location Discrepancy Question

There is an official USGS location marker about 20 ft from my shake and the coordinates are significantly different from what the configuration map provides. I am currently using the map coordinates but am wondering if this its the best option. The unit is not currently transmitting data.

from configuration map

from USGS marker

I believe this is a 5-10 mile discrepancy. I looked on latlong.net and they give both the Lat Long and GPS coordinates, which differ by a similar amount. The GPS coordinates from latlong.net match the USGS marker.

Looking for advice on what to use.

Perhaps one is decimal degrees (43.2781), and the other degrees, minutes, seconds (43 1641.30)? Confusing labelling, I agree.

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GM8ARV has the answer. The USGS marker is actually 43 deg 16’ 41.30" which converts to 43.2718 degrees

Apologies for the confusion