Location advice & distance from other structures

My shake station is currently located on a thick slate slab sitting on a soild block pillarwhich is sitting on a large 5 inch thick concrete base. This is all located in a flat-roofed precast concrete garage which is located at least 15m from the nearest building (my workshops). Now, the sensitivity is excellent and everything is fine and dandy until I have heavy rain or the wind blows. In North Wales these are not rare events. I can see from the traces when the weather is bad - not what I really wanted!

So, I propose to move the station to a large waterproof plastic container which will be at sub ground level and sitting on a couple of deep concrete pillars. A wooden outer container (roof) will keep off the rain and wind from the container.

My question is how far do I have to be from the existing concrete garage to be sure that none of the “vibrations” from the current structure are transmitted to the new location?

Hi, there’s really no “good” answer to this, since it depends on multiple variables: soil type and density, depth to bedrock, structural footing and attachment to bedrock, bedrock type, etc. Point source noise tends to decrease exponentially with distance from the source (ignoring all reflective and refractive effects).

If you’re serious about noise reduction, how far away can you reasonably install it? My suggestion would be ~50-75ft or so, if you have the space. That way you can get it safely away from other structures without running into issues with power and ethernet cord length constraints. Speaking from experience though, you will still see noise from natural and man-made sources, it’ll just be a lot quieter.

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