Locating earthquake epicentres

Hi there,

As SWARM seems to be getting outdated and slow (I can barely get it to load anything), is there any other application I can use to calculate earthquake epicentres? I have 3 Raspberry shakes and before was able to use SWARM to triangulate epicentres using the pick feature to mark P wave and S wave arrival times. The EQ locator feature by Raspberry Shake only works for already reported earthquakes. I am interested in locating local earthquakes that are not reported.

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Hello VS1,

That is an interesting question! The one that comes to mind could be seisgram2k, which you can find here: SeisGram2K Seismogram Viewer

I am not 100% sure it will be able to do what you require, but it can be a starting point. We also cover it in our manual here seisgram2k Installation Guide β€” Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake and here: How to visualize the waveforms in real time β€” Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

In any case, your suggestion of expanding EQLocator capabilities is sound, and I have passed it to our software development team for their perusal. Thank you!

I would like to add a β€œme too” to adding this functionality to the EQLocator.
We have small local quakes, which obviously never make it into the big databases, but are picked up by the (few) surrounding stations. Not being able to use that data in EQLocator is frustrating.