Local unnoticeable quake seen by RS4D and Boom

I was alerted to a local offshore quake by the GeoNet app we use here in NZ. It was classed as unnoticeable and I didn’t feel or hear a thing. However the RS4D and Boom both clearly detected it. The GeoNet app indicates a few people felt it, probably due to their older properties being more susceptible to quakes - ours has a modern rib raft foundation that usually means we don’t feel anything under a M4, but it’s impressive the shake and Boom still detected it. The shake is in a temporary location in the garage and Boom is sat on the arm of a sofa in the spare room.


We have seen Shakes able to detect even <M1 events if they are superficial and very close to the unit, so I think you will be able to see quite a bit in the active area you live in.

And, albeit the Boom sits in its temporary location (it’s easy to see the increased noise in the signal due to that), it’s great feedback to hear that it was able to easily record it!

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