Length of LAN line to router?

I’ve had the RS1D for about 5 months provisionally in my basement in the same room as the router. Am wondering how far away I can move the RS to get away from road and house noise. I have an outbuilding with power about 100m further back on my property. How long can the LAN cable be and still function properly? I’d rather not go to the remote option.

The official standard is 100 meters or 328 feet without a repeater. I have run close 180 Meters with a repeater. I have also run (400 Feet) without a repeater but I was lucky it worked.


Thanks for your help; Must be some dependence on cable specifications or quality as well? Suggested manufacturer?

Your welcome.

I honestly rarely look at brands. I try to match the usage for example solid vs stranded, Indoor vs outdoor, shielded vs non shielded. if you are going to run it in the walls room to room, need to look at the material for fire safety.

Solid will performs better at longer runs. from what you described, I would use Outdoor solid cable Minimum Cat5e.