Late data update on SWARM

Hi. I noticed that seismic plots in helicoder using the SWARM is a bit late in displaying data (late for about 30 mins). The data being displayed by the same station via RS DataViewer seem to be more realtime than on SWARM. Any thoughts or fix about this? I am using SWARM 3.2.0. I am from the Philippines using as the datasource.

The way I figure this, it takes a finite time for the data to get from your RS up to the server and for SWARM to then process them and send them back to you. That’s the reason for the delay.

So why not access the data directly from your RS instead of going through the server? That way, you get the data straight from the horse’s mouth.
To do this, you must open a new data source in SWARM using Winston Wave Server, with the local IP address of your RS (i.e, e.g., 192.168.1.xx) and Port 16032.

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