Last 24hr of data (MSeed format)

I try to download Last 24hr of data (MSeed format) from Raspberryshake-Station View
Then, I get a file named “query”.
How could I analyze this file? Could I use Python to draw the data vs time plot or output the data to csv file?

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Hello Yang-Rui-Jia, and welcome to our community!

You can rename the file you downloaded in any way you want, for example, mydata.mseed (just ensure that the .mseed extension is there).

After that, yes, you will be able to read it with ObsPy in Python (for example), using its Read miniSEED function: - MiniSEED read and write support for ObsPy — ObsPy 1.4.0 documentation

You can then output it in whatever format is most suitable to your studies/research, and/or plot it directly.