Large miniSEED file to scrolling spectrogram s/w?

I have a very large miniSEED file (several months worth of data) that I’d like to visualize as a scrolling spectrogram whose playback speed I can adjust to quickly look at the file’s contents for interesting looking events (so timestamps would need to be preserved). Does such a software program already exist; if not, any suggestions for how to do this? (NB: a quick Google search pointed to several promising but defunct links on Github.) Thank you in advance.

Nothing particular comes to mind if not for a combination of ObsPy ( and Matplotlib in Python, as Alex Rutson does in his animated plots:

There would be the need to add the increase/decrease playback speed slider to complete your design.

Another possible solution would be plotting all days (or two-three days together) in a helicorder plot, like this (Waveform Plotting Tutorial — ObsPy 1.4.0 documentation). Always in Python, you could design a function to automatically select and plot each day (or time interval) of your large mSEED file, so that you can have, at a glance, a view on what has happened and what events you could investigate in more detail.

If anyone else in the community has a better solution, we are all ears (and eyes)!

Thank you…was not familiar with Alex Rutson’s site. I stumbled upon another program, Boris, from the Universita Di Torino (, that looks quite interesting (but still requires a bit of coding to achieve what I’m looking for).


Another option that you could use (if you have access to it, as it is not freeware) is MatLab (MATLAB), that has many options regarding trace analysis and plotting.

Stormchaser is right about Matlab. And there is a (free) toolbox specifically for seismic analysis available: GISMO