Kinks in tubing in Raspberry Boom

I have a Raspberry Boom that I’ve had plugged in relatively little since the day I assembled it because of kinks in the tubing.

I’m not sure what version it is - I was one of the first purchasers. I can see that some of the newer versions appear to have tweaked the routing of the tubing.

For someone who has a first generation boom - any recommendations on what to do?

I noticed that both the filter tube and the other tube both have kinks. I’m planning on opening it up and trying to tweak it - but given the routing and space constraints I’m still concerned.

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Hello jtatz, welcome to our community!

Firstly, thank you for your continued support throughout the years, it’s great to see one of our first models still working!

Regarding the tubing, yes, we advise to avoid kinks in the tubing itself in the general assembly. The tubing should maintain its full diameter, uncompromised by kinks for its entire length. Remember also to, if you want to adjust it, or pull it off and on again on the sensor (black enclosure), to hold the sensor in your hands, to avoid it possibly breaking off the board.

I could advise, even if I know that it may look a bit unelegant, to maybe cut off a part of the box in front of the sensor itself (the “wall” in your second pic), so that the tubing will be freer to expand “outside” the box thus eliminating the kinks.

Thanks for the response.

I’ve removed the tubing and the kinks seem pretty well set so even by readjusting - the kinks don’t go away. I’ve purchased some new tubing to replace what I it came with - in an effort to reroute/reinstall it.

A question though, I believe it’s the red 1s filter - it has a kink that I can’t get rid of. Is it possible to get a replacement filter?

I was actually wondering about cutting off part of the wall to give the tubing a little more room (a greater bend radius).

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No problem at all, you’re welcome.

As for the replacements, yes, we can send you a new set of tubings and filters (so that everything is factory-pre-installed). Please write an email to sales [at] raspberryshake [dot] org asking for replacement tubings+filters for your Boom and our staff will take care of your request.

Since the Boom is not outside and exposed to the elements (as far as I could see), I think there is no particular issue in cutting part of the wall to provide a greater bend radius, if not the (maybe) slightly less appealing appearance of the entire ensemble. Maybe you can wait to have the new tubings and filters, and then decide on what to do.