Kermadec Islands quake numbers - hard to understand

Am I the only person who thinks the number of quakes recorded in the Kermadec region are hard to understand? I count 8 over 4.0 in the last week alone, and there were many dozens more before that. Is this truly the most geologically active spot on earth? They are hard to detect, and recent quakes at the 6.5 magnitude level and up are not captured by my shake or anyone nearby.

What is the answer here?

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Considering that there have been two M7+ and one M8+ not long ago in that spot, it is quite likely that such aftershocks (minor and major one) will keep the area ‘ringing’ for quite some time in the future.

Regarding the why you or nearby shakes near to you are not receiving any signal from them, it is quite likely, due to your geographical location in relation to the Kermadec Islands, that you are in the Shadow Zone, and thus no waves are able to reach you due to their intrinsic inside-Earth propagation method.

Some documentation on this: Earthquake Glossary

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Thanks. That’s logical. I have detected some quakes from Kermadec in the past, but they were not great traces. Appreciate the reply.

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No problem K2PI, I am here for this too.