Just set up my RS4D and have a placement surrounding question

so I was watching my lovely little dashboard and noticed some odd behavior - I’ve got the device on the floor of my garage leveled and everything - garage is concrete - then I went into my living room (adjacent to my garage) and started listening to music - and my sound system is definitely triggering the device

is this a problem - my placement won’t invalidate its detection capabilities ? - I know its a micro motion detector - so a truck driving by or a helo flying over head could trigger it but I listen to a lot of music and don’t want to screw it up

my garage is generally very quiet

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Hello tjvghn, and welcome to the community!

Could you provide (also via private message, if you want) your Shake code so I can take a look at your data? We here at RS think that everything a Shake can detect is interesting, but if the local “noise” is too high, we may be able to help in finding a “quieter” place for your Shake to be located.

As you have an RS4D, you will be able to easily “see” both weak (via the golden geophone) and strong (via the accelerometers on the blue board on top) motion, so you have the whole detection range at your disposal.

Dm’ed you
I have it on the concrete floor of my garage in the corner - but my sound system is pretty beefy and I could definitely see the subwoofer on the charts


I received it, I’ll answer directly to your message.