Just another setup thread

Hello RB community,

Months have passed since I started my boom records. Somehow I feel I did not pushed enough tries in my setup. I feel the need to go further.

I’m going to write a quite precise thread, and it can be tl;dr or out of interest for some.
My english can be full of mistakes as well…

I’d like to present a bit my goals:
I bought the rpiBoom since I’m tired and deeply impacted by what I expect to be some excess of infrasounds in my local environment.

As I also made the hypothesis of being hit by some form of EMI, I recently purchased a few sensors, removed any power source from my sleeping room, to be sure it’s not something related. Readings from the room are fine. So I think I can say it’s not EMI in my room.

I experience with some other sensors, piezo-E, audio microphone recording 24/7 and producing spectral analysis with ffmpeg, pressure sensors, weather…

Back to the rpiBoom. I keep all my logs and pictures, rsyncing the rpiBoom with crontab twice a day to a server.

For those reading this and having interest in this point: Here is a very simple script that you will write on your server:
    # KEY=$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa
    YEAR=$(date '+%Y')
    MONTH=$(date '+%m')
    mkdir -p $LPATH
    EXC="   --exclude nothingatm "
    RSYNC_RSH="ssh -p 22" # -i $KEY"
    $RSYNC -azF --inplace $EXC $RUSER@$RHOST:$RPATH $LPATH
    $RSYNC -azF --inplace $EXC $RUSER@$RHOST:$RPATH2 $LPATH

In your server, install a crontab like 
    0 3,15 * * * $HOME/bin/sync.infrasounds > /dev/null 2>&1
(Create some ssh key without password, then launch the sync once by hand.)

At first I put the rpiBoom in the cabin at the back of my garden.

Then I decided to change its location, put it in the basement, 3 meters underground and finally thought it wasn’t the right place, recording nothing particular there.

(I decided to order a rpiShake, and replace basement node with it. I make better records from the basement with that 2nd solution. I then remove “ground shaking” from the fields of possibilities concerning my “health trouble”. This discrete stress is not ground shacking.)

At the moment rpiBoom is in my sleeping room.

The room, at 2nd floor of the house, is 10m high from the ground, at second floor. Wall exposure to wind at West, and a bit North since the connected house is less high. Their roof is below my North wall. Atlantic ocean is roughly 15km away to the west, and winds are mostly coming from W, NW, SW.

I’m reading again the setup advises. and read it’s recommended to put it on the ground.
So the best “ground” would be the garden ?

My house is located in the ancient enclosure of a Medieval Mote. Remains still the escarpment of that castle, which is my Western property wall. Then comes a moat, then on the other side of this moat, a counterscarp.

I feel same trouble in my sleeping room, 2nd floor, in my kitchen below, 1st floor, in my garden, on the moat, on that counterscarp, and a bit anywhere in the neighborhood. It seems “normal” since Infrasounds are omnidirectional.

Here I would like to setup my rpiBoom as best as possible to monitor the trouble.

The only place at ground level in my house would be the garden, but I would like to record it from a rain free area, which makes me think the heigth of the attic is my best place.

At the moment I just use a single garden pipe with foam on each side, and pushed the rpiBoom pipe in it.

I’ve watched the pipe setup, and bought 10x 20mm pipes… and read I failed:

We recommend using a flexible polymer tubing with an inner diameter of ~3.8 mm
What would be the impact on that diameter’s difference?

As I have a bit of heigth in my lose attics, and thrown a cable from the network bay to that place, I thought about establishing the pipes spider and the rpiBoom there, since also, it’s one/two level above my housing activity.

That suggests, for example, that the crawlspace would be better than the attic.
I think it’s a failure again…

I will still try, just to see how it behaves. And move elsewhere in the garden as well to compare.

The Android app is really well made.
Having put those 3 stations altogether in my watch list

  • R3412 near Tours, France,
  • R309F near Portland, Oregon,
  • R884B, mine, near Kemper, Brittany.

I see the counts are like days and nights in terms of values, and in terms of frequency spectrogram, if I click on Logarithmic + scale the fine tuning at like 7-8, I’m saturated still, when the 2 others are 95% dark. I’d hope I’m not doing wrong saying it’s a good proof that my env. is over-saturated. But it’s maybe just my heigth in the building, and my noise cancellation which are wrong.

Which lead me to write that quite long feedback on my setup.
Maybe one of you have some tip to provide.

Some feedback, concerning the Desktop app, made in Python. I tested it last year. And recorded like 35 alert events from my basement in a 2h recording of a Sunday afternoon. I think it was high.

At the moment, being on Gentoo, my setup is way forward concerning Python and libs versioning => I have to setup a VM with some matching ubuntu version. Gott, this is why I hate Python.
Just a last thought: I also found the app was heavily thread consuming on a 7th generation proc. I’m curious to see it behave on 12th gen.

I would like to have time, and moreover stamina, to code a C/SDL application, but Infrasounds are like a torture chamber to me, for 4 years if my assertion is right.

Some end comment, more on the healthcare aspect of infrasounds, and my experience.
I monitor my sleep with 2 different devices: Xiaomi Band 6, and Dreem helmet. both are producing quite matching datas, saying I’m sleeping well, some descent amount of hours each night. Except on particular events of “hard nights”, happening quite often for 4 years, when the stress increase a lot, above all limits. It then can end with 4h, 3h, 2h, 1h or even not a single hour of sleep at night. In a sense an act of Torture. I’d be also welcoming links to studies made by researchers, memos from DARPA, NASA or whomever on the healthcare aspect of Infrasounds may exist. The main problem for me being a feeling like constant but discrete shakes in the whole city area where I live, and going elsewhere I notice the feeling as well. I have to sleep in a hammoc to protect myself a bit better. (from Wikpedia page: « Air is a very inefficient medium for transferring low frequency vibration from a transducer to the human body »). It lowers a bit the hassle.


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