Jumps in the seismographic trace

In the Northern Italy station i see the “jumps” in the seismic signal.


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Hello Geobalocchi, and welcome back to the community.

I will ask the server team to check, as I didn’t notice this happening yesterday evening. Could you provide the Shake code for this one, so that I can verify with them?

Thank you!

the station number is R7231

Thank you for the station number. Checking with our server team, they discovered a potential issue that could have generated those data gaps, so they have implemented a solution that should take care of them in the future.

Thank you so much for your notification about this!

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Today, same “bug” along seismic signal in Northern Italy stations. Maybe a global “bug”.

The web page in the station, the seismic signal writes “no data available”.


Hello Geobalocchi,

It seems that our servers experienced an issue that resulted in delayed real-time streams along our network and in the “No Data Available” message you have seen.

The situation seems stable now, and I have sent your notification to our team so that they can check it out and see how we can address this in the future and improve our automated server solutions. Thank you!