Jamaica Earthquake


I am super bummed. I live in NNY and I didn’t pick up yesterday’s earthquake. I saw as soon as it happened and went straight to check on my raspberry shake and…nothing! I have a lot of building noise that occurs throughout the day, but I thought for sure something that large would’ve been easily visible. A school about 15 miles away sent me a picture from their AS-1 and the screen was crazy. I don’t get it.

I did zoom in a little and I can see a change in the waves, but not anything like I expected. A few weeks ago we picked up a little 3.3 eq on the Canadian border that showed up beautifully. It did occur earlier in the morning before students arrive in the building and it is much quieter.

I’m considering seeing if I can move it to our basement if possible. I was hoping that I could keep it visible for students to see. I currently have it near a window on a first floor classroom.

Any thoughts or suggestions. Being able to show major eqs like this was exactly why I wanted to have a Raspberry Shake in my classroom.

Hi @BRCSD, I have good news! Your device very much did detect the quake, it just shows up a lot easier with a little bit of filtering applied. When I filter the signal below 2 Hz, this is the seismogram I get:

And the spectrogram from 0-5 Hz, with a 20 second window and 95% overlap in wave settings:

Here are my wave settings (the image icon):

Thank you so much!! This did work. I knew I must need to adjust the filter settings. I just wasn’t sure how. Sooo excited to show my kids today!!