JAM Refuses to Connect

Following instructions for first time configuration:

16Gbyte card inserted into Raspberry PI
Jam attached to PI
Ethernet connected from C1000A router to PI
Power connected to PI
Red PI and blue JAM LED’s light
Chrome opened on Windows 7 computer
https://rs.local” entered into address
Response: “rs.local refused to connect”

What should I do next?


Hi Bob, do you see activity from the green light on the Pi?

Yes, for a few seconds then it stays off.

Connected to monitor with keyboard, I see four Raspberries at the top then a data dump.

Ok. Did you purchase the card from the shop or did you burn the operating system to the card yourself?

I burned the card. I thought the card would have been included with the JAM. That was my mistake. I’ll download the system and reload.

On the JAM purchase page there is no mention the operating system for the PI is required. The JAM board has a microcontroller that some might assume will control or download to the PI.

You might want to clarify that point and perhaps offer the JAM and SD card as a package.

I’m not alone when I say the JAM is really the best 24-bit AD converter on the market for a reasonable price. I think it is the only quality converter that isn’t priced as “professional instrumentation.”

Thanks for the help.



Welcome to the Community Bob!

Thank you for those kind words about the RJAM. It was a tough product to bring into the Raspberry Shake family. So I am super glad you like it.

See the Note at the top of the RJAM manual for info on burning the microSD card: http://manual.raspberryshake.org/jam.html

Yours, Branden

I’ll echo what Branden said and add that if you have any further trouble, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Reloaded the Shake software and it is working.

Waiting for R89A5 to appear in StationView.

Thanks for all your help.


Check now please: https://raspberryshake.net/stationview/#?net=AM&sta=R89A5


Thank you–yes it is there. Now I need to connect my sensors.

Problems solved.