JA Quake, no annotation

Still no annotation. I saw a station in Hawaii has it. Just a limitation of being so far?

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Hello briansheets, and welcome to our community!

I am sure you already checked if, for any reason, the Events Annotation slider was on OFF (for other readers who want to know, you can go to Settings -the gear icon high on the right-and then check the status of the Annotate with events slider, turning it back ON if necessary).

If the slider is ON, then, currently the algorithm that automatically labels the various events on DataView only displays events that can be identified without filtering (as in your case) and are within a certain distance (that varies with EQ magnitude), as these two elements introduce more complexity to the code in reference to the distance between the station and the earthquake epicenter.

In the future, we hope to expand this functionality to be more adaptive and performant, to identify more earthquakes (especially local ones, which are of greater interest to many Shakers) and to display proper labels on your data stream.

Thank you for your feedback. It will be useful in the continued improvement of our services!

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