Issue to config

what is happing with my rs?

Hello felipe.geo, welcome to the community!

Can you give me some more details? When has this happened? When you first turned on the Shake or after a period of normal work? Did you have a loss of power before this happened or it was a normal day?

Have you tried to go to the ACTIONS menú (the hammer high on the left)? Do you still get a blank screen?


So, its happened since I turned on the shake. I tried all the buttons but none solved the problem, I can’t even configure the shake because nothing happens when I go to actions menu.

Hello felipe,

It is quite a strange bug, but we will solve it.

Could you try to reboot the Shake and see if this happens again?

Could you also please SSH into the Shake from the command line (we have a guide here: How to access your Raspberry Shake’s computer via ssh — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake) and send us the content of the folder


in a zipped (.rar or .zip) format? In this way we will be able to see more closely what is happening.

Furthermore, could you go into developer mode (F12 for most browsers), go to network tab of the rs.local interface, refresh, take a screenshot of that and send it to us too?

Thank you for your patience.