Is this an earthquake?


Since I’m new to the Raspberry Shake community, and my previous home grown seismometers were much less sensitive, I’d like to get confirmation that what I captured on mine was an actual earthquake. I didn’t see it on neighboring ones around the same time on the station view.

At about 15:37 UTC, it looks like there was a jolt and about 36 minutes of shaking after that. I’m guessing that it’s in the 2 to ½ hertz range of shaking.

probaby …you from?

Upon further review, it’s happening pretty regularly around the same time for half an hour. I doubt that it’s an earthquake.

36 minutes would be a very long event. Agree. It may be an appliance. Refrigerator or furnace?

It’s not a refrigerator because it’s on during other times of the day. The same goes for the furnace.

It’s more likely sprinklers or perhaps my neighbor’s engine warming up in the morning. It’s not precisely at the same time. So I’m unsure about the sprinklers.

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