Is there correct way to power down my RS3D before i relocate it?

wow we kinda feel lost and lonley here in NZ is the world still out there!!

Hi Garry, the proper way to power down is to do so via the Actions page of the web front end. If your Shake’s web front end is rs.local, the page you want is http://rs.local/actions. What you are looking for is the SHUTDOWN button:


Thanks Ian all good.

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Have you considered or explored the use of Device Tree overlays to provide a shutdown/powerup button wired between GPIO3 (pin 5) and one of the available ground pins?

Here is a link to the methodology. If you search for shutdown in the page you will come to the correct section, or alternatively go to line 795. I’d like your thoughts on this before I start drilling holes in the case to mount the button.

By the way Garry, you’re not alone in New Zealand…