Is there a trick to getting on SWARM map?


R0FF0 is not showing on the SWARM map. It is there in StationView, both web and mobile. I can see it in the list of stations in SWARM, but it isn’t there on the map.

Any setting I need to make in SWARM to make it visible?

Many thanks!

Logs attached.RSH.R0FF0.2020-06-24T19 21 27.logs.tar (617.5 KB)

@tinotenaz knows a lot more about this than me


by default in Swarm all stations should be shown on the map, but as we are migrating our server, some stations could not be shown. Please be patience until the server migration is completed, and then your station should be back on the map.


Thanks for the update - I’ll keep my eye on it!

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