Is Raspberry Shake still available in China?

I saw that on the Station View page in recent months, Stations in mainland China disappeared one after another. I found that the establishment of a private station in China may be an illegal act. I currently have a residence in Hong Kong and mainland China. Can Raspberry Shake continue to set up in mainland China? If not, is it feasible in Hong Kong?

Hello moqi, and welcome to our community!

As far as I know, I think that the main issue related to having a private station (unless something has changed in the last months) is that our Shakes transmit data to a server outside China.

Thus, I think you’ll have no problems if you want to buy a Shake and use it Offline without sending data out to our servers.

If, instead, you want your Shake visible on StationView and its data accessible via DataView and/or the mobile App, then it’s highly probable (read, 99% mandatory) that you’ll need to check in with your local authorities to see what kind of authorization/permit you require.

The same is true if you reside in Hong Kong. I see that there are many more active Shakes there than in mainland China, so probably something is different, but it’s recommended that you check what restrictions (if any) are present for devices that can send data abroad.

If we can provide further help, we remain available.

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Hello Stormchaser, Thank you for your reply.

According to your understanding, are the stations that disappeared in mainland China in the past few months all due to data transmission problems?
If I buy a RaspberryShake now, will the government monitor the logistics transportation?
If the government still considers RaspberryShake to be illegal, what kind of punishment might I receive?

Looking forward to your answer!

Hello moqi, you’re very welcome.

I cannot be 100% sure, but that one is a possibility as we know that, in the past, some Shakes have gone offline for that reason.

I cannot answer the last two questions as I don’t know the ins and outs of China’s legislation on the matter.

What I can do is try to reach out someone who may know about this. If they answer, I’ll update you on the situation.

In the mean time, if you haven’t already done it, you can try to ask the local customs/government agency for these details. They should be able to provide them.

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