Is my shake broken?

I have 4 Rshakes. 2 working and 2 not. The two that are not were blue & red light on but no green and no CAT5 flashing. So, I formatted an SD card and loaded the raspishake-release files. I had done this before, so it was not a new process. No green light on either when power plugged in with new SD card. I tested the SD card on one of the units that was working and it properly booted - I watched it with a monitor attached and could login with a keyboard. I took that SD card and plugged it into one of the non-working units and powered up with monitor (HDMI) and keyboard attached. The green light flashes but nothing on the monitor and I do not see a ping on the network with the CAT5 plugged in.

So, the two units that are not working were outside in a shelter. No water but visually I see bugs have left junk on the boards. So is there anything more to try? One is a 3D and the other is an RS. Any hope? Any other things to try? I am fairly proficient with LINUX and hardware.

Hello scatter,

Thank you for the detailed description of the steps you have undertaken to troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing.

As the microSD card appears to be working, and the Shake OS boots properly on one of the units that didn’t show this problem, my advice would be trying to replace the Raspberry Pi boards of the two Shakes that do not work anymore, as well as trying to clean up whatever extraneous object is in the enclosures. This appears to be a clear hardware issue.

As a reminder, if you change the Raspberry Pi boards of the Shakes, the Shake code (name) will also change. You will not lose the data that have already been uploaded on our servers, but the new data will be found under the new name.

In any case, if you can, please try to download the content of the opt/log folder, zip it, and send it to me so that I can try to discern a bit more on the software/hardware side. Naturally, if the logs are created in the first place while the OS tries to boot.

Thanks. I will get out the alcohol and swabs to see if cleaning makes a difference, but I suspect not. I have cleaned boards before. Wear a e-strap.

I suspected that the solution will be to replace the R-pi boards. I will look at that. Do you have any recommendations as to what R-pi model & vendor I might use? I have 2 R-pi’s sitting on a shelf from another project. I will look to see if they will suffice.

Thanks again.

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There is a list of the supported models in the manual:

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