IP address not reachable after dropped internet link

My device AM.R51A0 is currently configured to send data and connect to the shakenet. Over the past two weeks my internet access was interrupted intermittendly for a few hours.

Whenever that interruption is happened for an extended period (3-6hr), I lose access to the device. I am not able to reach the device anymore on the LAN. Its static IP address on the network is not responding nor do I see the device claiming a new IP or communicating with the LAN router at all. Of course I would not expect the device requesting a new IP since static IP is configured but just in case.

Rebooting alone did usually not fix this but a re-flash of the SD and new configuration both of which I would like to avoid in the future.

Is this behaviour to be expected? Is there some sort of hibernation feature implemented to halt network communication if Internet access is not available for an extended time?

Hello quakybit,

Thank you for writing to us about this potential issue. There is no hibernating feature implemented for that purpose, or any other suspension process. The Shake will always try to connect to a network at regular intervals and try to transmit data to our servers. This is to ensure that any potential disconnection event is minimized and kept as short as possible.

Unfortunately, without logs I cannot be more precise in finding what could be causing this, if it’s an issue related to the modem/router, or from some corrupted files, or some other reason. It looks like a network misconfiguration from the sound of it.

If you manage to acquire the logs after such an event (if you cannot access the Shake anymore, like you are describing, you can try to navigate the microSD card by connecting it to your PC/laptop and accessing it like an external drive, navigate to the folder /opt/log, and get all the files whitin) I could maybe provide more insight on what is going on.

Thank you.