iOS 14 helicorder plots Shortcut

I rapidly made a iOS 14 Shortcut that automatically pulls the last 24 hours of helicorder plots from your #RaspberryShake (it assumes a rs.local hostname). Handy to have on the Home Screen. Let me know if there’s any problems. If you’re not in the US west coast, you’ll need to adjust to UTC from your time zone (look for Add 7 hours). Get it here.

Example - note it crops the header on the last helicorder plot & then creates a single image:


A very interesting and useful application!

Thank you for sharing it with our community rpmik!

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My brain needs a lot more time to do that UTC to PDT conversion than I care for. If anyone lives in Pacific Time with Daylight Saving (ugh), I modified this shortcut to overlay PDT times onto the helicorder plots. Hope this might benefit some folks out there. As per the last Shortcut, this assumes you’re using rs.local as the hostname and that you’re -7 hours UTC. Just remember when Pacific is back in Standard Time, this shortcut will not be so suitable.


This is fantastic, thank you. I did notice the UTC -> PDT bug in the first version, and just wanted to add that I also had to edit a few lines to change the station from yours, RE49D to mine in order to access the appropriate GIFs. Thanks again for sharing!


Oh yeah! The station name is in the image names. Totally spaced it. So happy this is helpful for you too!

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User friendliness update: I updated the original and PDT overlay shortcuts so that they have setup questions for the station ID and host. I didn’t change anything else of note so if you used the original Shortcuts, and they work for you, there’s no reason to get these.

Updated UTC to PDT shortcut with Setup:

Just UTC with Setup;


I have adapted the UTC to PDT Shortcut to show PST – so plenty of time to see if I overlooked something before November 7’s time change in Pacific time :slight_smile:

It’s a separate shortcut for just PST. If I feel froggy one day I might combine them using conditionals and such but the current iOS 15 Shortcuts app UI is extremely buggy so I don’t have the patience.