Internet connection

Hi,I recently was able to connect to the server via ethernet,I can open the config page with rs.local-I used fling and can see the shake online and the IP address,but I can’t reach it with the IP address just rs.local It actuality has two active IP address’s

Hello Dave,

from the logs you posted it seems that the configuration of the Shake is ok, I don’t know exactly why it seems to have two IP addresses, but as long as you can enter the configuration screen via rs.local it should be fine.

I can advise, however, if you haven’t already tried it, to shut down your modem/router, wait for 5 minutes, and then turn it on again. This should reset all IP assignments, and it could solve that problem.

I can confirm that your Shake is online and transmitting data to our servers. Sometimes there is a drop in connectivity but it appears to be a problem from your ISP, which terminates and restores the connection automatically, so it is an issue out our control.