Instrument Datum

I wonder what Datum is used for RS instruments. Does the datum differ from IRIS?

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Since datum is a bit of a broad-meaning word, could you describe what exactly are you looking for, so that we can help you better?

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I am a seismology student working with RS instruments for my university project. The instruments their data I use are R6324, REFFB, R17FC, RCC6E, RC57A, R976A, RC304, R4FF5, and R095E.

In fact, from the original installation of these instruments, the station location (latitude/longitude) is different from the IRIS metadata aggregator network. I understood IRIS uses WGS84 and I need to know what center of the earth you use for determining the latitude and longitude of Raspberry Shake instruments?

I hope my explanation is enough for moving forward with my question.

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Hello EliMo,

I am not sure why IRIS metadata is displaying different values, but you can access each Shake coordinates by reading through the instrument response files.

This one is an example, if you change the station code you will be able to acquire all the latitude and longitude data that you need.

Also, remember that, for privacy reasons, the location data of each Shake is offset by a couple of hundred meters. More here: Commonly Asked Questions — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

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Thank you so much. I appreciate your time and response.

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