Install - how deep?

So I’m not a seismologist, just someone who wants to play with a Raspberry Shake and I have a very deep basement :slight_smile:

My crazy question is what is the ideal depth to install the RS? My options are from the surface to 80 feet below ground. For weather exposure I would prefer 20-80ft underground…


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Hello CrystalCave,

Well, the possibilities are multiple since you have such a nice chance to install it where the external local noise will be minimized.

Most DIY vaults reach, I think, about 5-10 feet underground at maximum, maybe more if someone has the correct instruments to dig deeper, so I would say that your 20 feet minimum depth is definitely enough.

If you have chances to change your setup depth due to your basement configuration, then you could also experiment a bit to see at what level the local noise disappears almost completely and you have the purest signal that you can get. It could be interesting!

For more references that our users have sent us about their vaults, you can read this page on our manual: How to install your Raspberry Shake underground — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

We look forward to your developments.

Thanks… I’ll keep folks updated… I’m thinking of putting the RS in a Pelican case with a POE injector, sitting on bedrock, maybe with a little concrete under the case for leveling and for a good coupling.