Inquiry About the Effects of Installing a Steel Plate Under the Raspberry Shake Sensor

Hello Raspberry Shake Team and Community,

I am considering an installation setup for my Raspberry Shake sensor and had a question regarding the potential impact of placing a steel plate beneath the sensor. My goal is to optimize the sensor’s stability and performance and ensure accurate seismic readings, and I’m curious how this setup might influence the results.

Greatful for your thoughts :blush:

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In my opinion it would not help. In fact, it could be a negative influence.
A sheet of steel will “ring” if you hit it - that natural resonance would probably distort measurements.
A concrete slab would be a better bet.


Hello chanthuj, and welcome back to the community.

As Philip said, a metal plate under your RS could create more issues than what you want to fix; however, I don’t remember if other users have tried something similar, so you could do an experiment and see the differences between a steel plate and a classic recommended concrete slab.

If you do, we look forward to the results!

Hi, I have RS outside in a hole, and concrere plate working just fine.