Industrial USB suggestions?

I’m setting up some raspberry shake units for offline use and field deployments, and would like to mount an external USB for storing the waveform archives in case of power failure and/or the microsd card fails (i.e. Can anyone suggest any ‘industrial USB’ drives that would be suitable for this purpose?

Hi @olamb245, if you are looking for true SLC (“industrial”) storage, our general rule of thumb is that if the manufacturer does not explicitly state that the memory architecture is SLC it’s a no-go. Delkin sells a line of MLC and SLC USB drives that may fit what you’re looking for:

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Let’s hope the writer has deep pockets. A 16 GB Delkin is $471 from memory4less. You could save by getting them from AVNET who will sell them to you for $250 each, if you buy a minimum required quantity of 20 - so $5149 for the order …

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For my high-altitude solar ballooning adventures, I use an Apro Industrial USB Flash Disk 2.0:

#1_P/N: WMUFD016G-HCITI-3L (USB drive, USB2.0, SLC 16GB HERMIT-C Series, -40C~+85C)
QTY: 1 pc ; unit price US$173.90; lead time: 6 working days (total of $240.81 with Freight)


Yes…I should have mentioned: there are no “cheap” SLC devices.