Incorrect channel names with RJAM

Hello Tech Support,
We have a live display running in our lab: we have an RJAM hooked up to a Chaparral 25 and a Chaparral 60 microbarometer. How do we get the channel names to output as BDF and not EHN, EHZ?
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Hola Helena!!!

The channel naming on the RJAM is currently fixed but we hope to include the functionality for station name changes in the future. No estimated release date though.

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branden :slight_smile:

Darn, I was hoping there was an RJAM loophole for that. Please add our vote for that functionality!

We have 2 RJAMs running a seismic/infrasound display in the hallway at the Geophysical Institute, and they are being incorporated into the public GI tours. You should come and check it out!

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I would LOVE to. It has been 9 yearssssss since I was last at UAF. I should come in the winter and we can skin up Moose Mountain or grab a 6 pack and hit the lakes for some ice hockey.


Volcano infrasound workshop Nov 20-21?? We might be restricted to pond hockey, depending on snow conditions.

doooooo iiiiiiiittttttttt!!