Inaccurate Data

I have downloaded this new app and set my preferences but then noticed a LOT
of earthquakes that don’t show up in any other agency’s data. Like a 6.3 in central Texas


thanks for the report. we do know the events list is advertising events from another place and time.

this will be fixed in due order, and i will report back when this has happened.

apologies for any confusion caused,


  • Richard -

That sure had us wondering from North of Spokane to Tucson !

Thanks for your prompt attention to this problem.

Jim, K6BPT (R4F29)

hi again,

the event list has been updated. and since the data download is efficiently managed, you will need to clear the APP’s data to refresh the list. (we are now considering adding our own “clear cache” functionality in the app itself for future cases.)

clearing the APP’s data is done via the phone’s SETTINGS app itself:
Apps => ShakeNet => Storage => Clear Data

close the APP before clearing the cache to avoid any potential conflicts.

this will also clear your login info, so when you open the APP again, you will need to log in again. and when you do, the events list will be renewed.

apologies for the inconvenience,


It’s still wonky IMHO.
For example, two M 4.8 events:
2020-05-14 03:00 UTC Pakistan
2020-05-14 02:18 UTC Punjab, India
are missing.

And it is presently 2020-05-14 20:44 UTC here, but the latest event in the list is:
2020-05-14 17:16 UTC.
so the list is sadly out of date.
Compare this with EQInfo which is up to the minute.

thanks for the report



Also, there are no events reported for New Zealand.
Yet, there were two M 4 events at Hawera at 09:11 and 17:39 on 2020-05-14.
Maybe your database does not include events reported by the NZ agency GNS?
The second was also reported by the European agency CSEM.

Thanks for the update… I haven’t checked it yet today. It looks like they have pulled the app from
the Play Store though. I was going to add that app to my Nexus 7 but wasn’t able to find the app.

Jim, K6BPT (R4F29)

  • Richard -

Yeah… I thought they had that problem before with EQInfo and as I recall Branden mentioned there
was some kind of snit over having permission to import the NZ and Tasmania data.

Jim, K6BPT (R4F29)