Inability to restart RS3D since repositioning

Moved my RS3D inside from the greenhouse to the basement for the winter on ?October 16th, and I cannot get it to restart. Upon rebooting, sometimes “Producer” does not create data (see attached log) and other times, it gets stuck “rebooting”. Any thoughts?

RSH.R6843.2023-11-20T23_10_04.logs.tar (3.2 MB)

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hello MRT1953,

after looking at the log files, all signs point to the SD card being corrupted, which, in turn, is preventing the data-producer program from successfully starting.

please arrange a new SD card and burn it with the latest Shake-OS image:

and then let us know whether or not this resolves your issue.


Richard, thank you for your prompt and comprehensive response. As a septuagenarian, I haven’t a clue what that all means, so I found my second spare card when I last ordered two new cards to keep my RS3D running back in February 2022, changed out the corrupted card, and restarted the device. It’s now running Version 0.19 on 2022-02-24, but hasn’t created any viewable traces yet. If I can’t find a tech-savvy young person to assist me, I guess I’ll buy two more from the mothership in Panama, and hopefully get back online in 2024!

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if you had version v0.19 on the other SD card, it should have updated to v0.20 at boot-up. if this hasn’t happened, can you download the log files again and post them here so i can have a look?