Improving Accuracy of Filters

Is it possible to provide an alternate method of specifying the time filter in the mobile app?

Currently this is done with a slider, but it is difficult to be precise about cut off times from day to day.

For example, I noticed the large number of quakes in the cluster around the recent major Turkey Quakes, so I wanted to work out how many quakes occurred each day in the last 7 days. I got approximate number but they don’t tally with the total for 0-7 days so some quakes are being counted twice and potentially others are being missed.

FWIW, these were my counts of quakes in the Turkey region from M0.5 to M9.5:
7-6 50
6-5 52
5-4 45
4-3 39
3-2 32
2-1 34
1-0 446

Total 698

But for 7-0 the number of quakes is 595.

Is it possible to provide numeric entry or zoomable sliders, or at the very least a display of the datetime being selected on the slider?



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Hello Alan,

To understand a bit better: you start by addressing the time filter, but then you move to the magnitude filter. Is this correct? So, your suggestion is focused on both filters, or have I misunderstood something?

As for the tally, I’ve tried to do the same, but I get the same number of events between the sum of different filters, and a single comprehensive interval. For example, using the last 7 days and worldwide earthquakes:

M4.0 to M5.0: 432
M5.1 to M6.0: 34
M6.1 to M7.0: 1
M7.1 to M9.5: 2

Total: 469 events

With a single M4.0 to M9.5 filter, total: 469 events.

Have you specified a precise geographical region for your test? If so, could you post a screenshot of it from the App, so I can try to replicate it on my device?

Thank you.

G’Day Stormchaser,

Sorry for the confusion… the magnitude filter was set to M0.5 to M9.5 - I mentioned that purely for anyone who wanted to replicate what I was doing to check numbers (not that that is possible really because I had the region selected as tightly around Turkey as possible but that’s not necessarily repeatable either).

The counts are based on day 7 to day 6 = 50, day 6 to day 5 = 52, etc.

The problem is accurately selecting the transitions between days. Obviously selecting 0 to 7 days is easy because the sliders are hard right and left, but for others days selection is not so accurate.


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Now I understand the situation better, thank you for the further explanations.

I would say that this is an interesting suggestion and, as usual, I have opened a ticket for our App team so that they can see what can be done.

Thank you for the feedback Alan!