Image Name for Raspberry Shake?

I am trying to recover my RS with a new memory card. I downloaded the RS-Shake image file and extracted it to a new memory card as described in the instructions. However, nothing happens when I power up the Raspberry-Pi. Looking at the memory card, there are no files except one folder named raspshake-sd-img-main. There is nothing there that tells the Pi to boot.

The installation instructions mention that the image also can be loaded the old fashioned way using, for example, Etcher. It says the image can be found in the zip file. I can see several .img files. Which one do I write to the memory card? What is the filename?

Thanks for helping.

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Hello wreeve, welcome back to the community!

If you want to burn the microSD card with Etcher (or any similar software), you can follow the steps listed below:

The steps to burn this directly would be:

  1. copy/extract the file rshake-os.xz (inside the downloaded file) to a location outside the original zip file
  2. decompress the file (tar on linux, winzip on windows)
  3. burn the decompressed file to the SD card using your preferred tool (such as balena etcher)
  4. if you need to resize your SD card from the command line. this guide, starting from step 7, may be of use to you; there are many any other web-pages and videos that address this question.

If you need anything else, I remain available.

Thank you for the info! Just before receiving your reply, I found that I could unzip the to a folder and then copy the contents to the memory card.

I wish the online help on this topic was clearer and more specific. In any case, I have it figured out now and everything is working okay.

Thanks again,



Hello Whit,

Thank you for your additional feedback, and I am happy to hear that everything is working properly now!

I have edited our installation procedure reference file, so that people will find it more useful.