Image file link broken

I noticed either link is broken or image file is not present. Is that due to sort of maintenance ?

Hello quakybit,

The link has been updated, and you will be able to find the latest version available in image form: raspberryShake-public / Raspshake Sd Img · GitLab

Remember also that we release the image after automatically updating all the connected Shakes, for improved implementation purposes.

Hi Stormchaser, thank you.

Your image File Link sends me to v0.19 which I believe is the former version of v0.20. Is v0.19 the one you meant by “the latest version”?

I did notice that my device was update automatically to v0.20 last time after I reflashed the drive with v0.19 and I also read in the change log that v0.20 would be the most recent version. Is there particular reason v0.20 is not already posted for download, if I may ask?

On the broken link topic. On the github page for downloading the image there are are couple of broken links too and I am assuming that is not because of geoblock or similar.

Change log — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake (Paragraph Software link “software”) leads to (still broken) and the Readme.document README updated (462149f5) · Commits · raspberryShake-public / Raspshake Sd Img · GitLab ( error 404).

Not sure whether some static links in instructions combined with redirects or other means pointing to the appropriate repository could help avoiding broken links and the efforts keeping links updated in documents and instructions?


Yes, as stated in my previous message, the latest version (in this case v0.20) is released after automatically updating all the connected Shakes, for improved implementation purposes and for last-minute adjustments. Now the image of the v0.19 version is still available on that page.

Thank you for highlighting those broken links, I will take care of them immediately.