I-Myshake - enable/disable channels & helicorder

It would be nice if in “My shake” Tab there was the option to enable and disable all the different channels, chose time lengths shown, or if it could be possible to activate an helicorder of 12-24 hours.

An helicorder like the one offered by the “Winston Server” would be very useful for demonstrations in schools, fairs, avoiding installing Swam, which is not always possible in computers belonging to third parties…

functionality for this page has recently been updated, where stations are now listed to the left of the map and channel data is displayed below the map for whichever station is currently selected. i’m not sure i see the benefit of being able to not display specific channels since the maximum number is 4 that would ever be displayed.

regarding helicorder display, it makes sense given the use case you describe, but this is both non-trivial and expensive since this would require the server to be generating helicorder plots for all stations and all channels available for up-to-date display all the time, i.e., a very resource-intensive operation.

we will take your suggestions on board and look at what might be possible for a future release.


Perhaps if someone has 5 shakes he would be interested on displaying his 5 vertical chanels…

Now data is flowing in and filling a small plot… I don’t know how, but perhaps it could could be keept in a buffer and after a time fill the “personalized” helicorder…

Or… activate wiston web page, this would be enough, port 16022 is already available.