I- Location app suggestion

After selecting the station, it would nice if I could select a time period instead of an event. I have many small earthquake that show up on my shake but they have no event tied to them, so there is no way I can study them to see where the EQ might be located.


Location App is a nice tool ! I agree with Benjamin, the possibility to introduce a time span would be great.

Also some information about the different filters (frequencies of each one) would be nice.
On Events, the origin time/date of each would be useful.

What “pick epicenter” does? Is it used to try to guess the epicenter? It doesn’t work for me.


On that note, what criteria does it use to show events? A lot of teleseismic events are visible on my Shake, which the mobile app views just fine, but the web app seems to just say “No events available” for my shake all the time.

Filtering by time would be nice for some of the smaller events, if one has reason to suspect they were EQ’s.