I just updated ShakeNet on iPhone and it’s crashing

The latest version of ShakeNet on my iPhone crashes as soon as it starts.

Others experiencing this?

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Yes, the Mobil App started crashing the same for me this afternoon on my iPhone and iPad. I was able to delete the App and then reinstall. This seems to get it working again for a little while before it starts crashing again so this seems to be a temporary solution.
IPad Air 5th Generation running iOS16.3.1
iPhone 14 Pro running iOS16.1.2


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I did that delete/reinstall, and now it’s working. Let’s see if it starts crashing again…

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Same for me: iOS 16.3.1. App started crashing this morning. Deleted app and reinstalled…worked a few times, then keeps crashing.

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Some here, I deleted/reinstall the app,started working but now crashes all the time.

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Same expierience since yesterday on iOS 16.2,
App crashes instantly, reinstallation helped only for a short time, app crashes again and again

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Hello everyone, and to mpan and kg17, welcome to our community!

Thank you for your extensive feedback about this issue between the latest App version and iOS.

I have reported all to our app team, that is now working on finding the root of the problem and fixing it. I will update again as soon as I have news from them.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi stormchaser, I just updated my app now from the App Store, and it works perfectly again :sunglasses:


I also deleted and updated again, and it’s been working and stable for about an hour.


Hello all,

As some of you have noticed, yes, our team has applied a fix to the crashing issue and is now available in the new ShakeNet App version (v1.4.11).

If you haven’t already, please update it and the crash should not be a problem anymore.

Thank you again for the notification, and for the additional feedback mdg1979, kafka!