Huge amplitudes - erroneous instrument response?

My instrument, R914C, is reporting amplitudes about 10 orders of magnitude too high–i.e., ~10^9 nm displacements, 10^10 nm/s velocities, etc. It would appear something is wrong with the instrument response file, and it looks from this thread like I can’t change that myself

…or something’s wrong with the instrument sensitivity, which I would have to calibrate?
Can you advise how to correct this issue?

hi austin,

yes, it appears that your unit is self-identifying as a JAM instead of a 3D now. it previously identified itself as a 3D, but changed to JAM back on 09-nov-19. at the moment this would appear to be a bug server-side that i will look into and get fixed.

can you send along your log files please so i can see where the mismatch could be coming from?



Curious. 9 November is the date I switched it back on in the US after moving from where it had been in the UK. Here are the log files.
RSH.R914C.2020-04-10T14_36_56.logs.tar (3.4 MB)


this is a server-side bug that will get fixed in short order.

sorry for the troubles, i will let you know when the file has been repaired.

stay safe,

I suppose the data files won’t retroactively be corrected–would it be possible to trivially apply a scaling factor for the 5 months it was recording wrong, or would that require some analysis of noise levels and instrument response with data from after the repair?

there is no need to modify the trace files since the response file information is not used when writing the data to disk.

only when analyzing the data after the fact does the response file come into play. this is both a blessing and a curse.

good news, no data is compromised, and nothing there needs to be fixed.